Am I doing what I love or am I chasing raindrops 

Million 100 and 80 thousand

 raindrops can fall in a second. 

Each one like a like a piece of confetti that has been shot from a cannon in the sky. 

     ~Each one a different persons dream~

They stick their tongues out hoping to catching a taste of their success 

Their desires beating out of their chest

This raindrop when pulled apart is the very oxygen they breathe 

The hydrogen being the part they need to bond with the dream they so desperately try to acquire. 

But in an unfair twist of events those dreams fall to the concrete

Each fallen dream cleans the slate and prepares the world for new life to grow. 

But as we run to a fro hoping to catch this drop of water to quench our thirst

We realize that’s not the thing that hurts. 

We stand in that moment and know that we are building our success on the shattered pieces of someone else’s fallen dreams. 

Even in cloudy days, raindrops still fall


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